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About Us


Happy Anime Face ( is a cute little blog that aims to deliver share-worthy content about Anime, Manga, Kpop and Kawaii culture to our awesome readers. For intriguing how-to-guides, insane listicles, gossip, news and reviews on anything anime… stick around!



Can’t have a Kawaii culture blog without covering some of the world’s hottest manga and comic books. Although our focus is primarily on manga, we might–occasionally–write about Marvel and DC Comics.


It’s in the name, so obviously we cover anime (duhh!). We’ll provide you with handy lists, recommendations, fun facts, reviews, news and all other kind of cool stuff about anime and live-action movies and shows! Oh, and not just the mainstream stuff. There’s plenty of quality anime out there we don’t want you to miss!


We stan Asian pop sensations and we hope you do too! You can read about your favourite JPOP or KPOP or artists like Black Pink, BTS,  AKB48 and even Baby Metal. If it’s cute and cool, you’ll most likely find us vibing to it!


Cosplay is a huge part of kawaii culture. We feature talented cosplay artists and body painters who blow us away with their costumes. If you’re into cosplay and would like to be featured on Happy Anime Face get in touch with us… like immediately!


The Japanese gaming industry is wild! There are plenty of awesome JRPG, action and adventures games out there, as well as anime/manga adaptations that you desperately need to know about; like Final Fantasy Online, Fire Emblem, Persona and many more!


Zamir Mohammad

Zamir Mohammad

“Just another otaku who loves talking about anime characters and ranking them based on charm, wits, and most importantly, sass!”

Burcu Ozturk

Burcu Ozturk

“Freelance Writer, Documentary Director, Part-time Gamer, Full-time Otaku…”

Sabera Surovy

Sabera Surovy

“Just an ordinary girl obsessed with anime, manga, and conundrums. Cheers!”


Have a question about one of our articles? Want to submit a hot tip or even write about anime? Maybe you’re just bored and want to talk about your passions with one of the writers… either way… feel free to drop us a line or reach out to us on social media!