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All Smart Gadgets from Detective Conan Anime

All Smart Gadgets from Detective Conan Anime

To celebrate Netflix Japan’s Detective Conan announcement, we’ve put together a list with all smart gadgets from the both the anime and manga!

Two Detective Conan spin-offs, The Culprit Hanzawa and Zero’s Tea Time, are coming to Netflix Japan. We got so excited that we compiled a list of all smart gadgets used in the Detective Conan anime/manga.

Who doesn’t love a character with smart gadgets? Like Inspector Gadget and James Bond, Detective Conan has plenty of interesting smart gadgets, to help him survive in difficult situations.

Conan is an elementary student who transformed from a teen into a child as an unexpected effect of an experimental drug called APTX 4869. As in his high school days, Conan Edogawa (a.k.a Shinichi Kudo) tries to help police solve cases and find the Black Organization that turns him into a child.

Every Single Gadget.

Since Detective Conan is trapped within a child’s body and some things are hard to achieve, his inventor buddy, Professor Agasa, comes to his rescue. Let’s take a look at these smart gadgets Professor Agasa invented for Detective Conan.

Voice – Altering Bowtie

With this bowtie, Conan can imitate all kinds of voices, which is a crucial gadget for him since he is a child, and most of the time, adults don’t listen to him or believe him. So, starting from episode 3 of the anime, he uses this bowtie to imitate Mouri Kogoro (Ran’s father), İnspector Megure, Sonoko Suzuki (Ran’s best friend), Heiji Hattori (high school detective same as Shinichi), Professor Agasa, and many more.

Power Kick Shoes

This shoe helps Conan to kick objects like a ball or a can with tremendous power. Since it is hard to stop criminals with a child’s power, this practical shoe comes to the rescue with power made from electricity and magnetic fields.

Conand's smart gadgets

Stun-Gun Wristwatch

Thanks to this wristwatch famous Sleeping Kogoro was born, and Conan could solve most of his mysteries. He has to be careful about aiming since there is only one dart in it. In the series, he makes one or two mistakes in his shot, but that only makes Conan act more creatively to find a solution to put people to sleep.

Detective Boys Badge

This badge helps the Detective Boys, a group of mystery geeks who are in the same class as Conan, to communicate with each other. And if needed, it can become a transmitter that could be found with Conan’s glasses.

Turbo Skateboard

It is a super-fast solar-powered skateboard that helps Conan to chase the criminals.

Tracking Glasses

Conan tracks down people he wants to follow with this particular feature of his glasses.

Button Speaker

It is a functional speaker, often used by Conan when he made Kogoro sleep.

Earring Cell Phone

It’s an earring-shaped cell phone that is also used as a wireless speaker of his voice-changer

Wristwatch Flashlight

For people like me who don’t like dark but still have difficulty finding the flashlight button on their cell phone, I think it’s a pretty cool gadget. Conan and his “Detective Boys” friends use a lot to get in the dark places.

There are a few more gadgets you can see in the anime/manga but I think these are the most commonly used ones. What is your favorite Detective Conan gadget? Let us know in the comment section.

Where can you read the manga?

Gosho Aoyama, the illustrator, and writer of Detective Conan, published its 100th volume in But if you want to read in English, Detective Conan translated into English with the title Case Closed by Viz Media.

Case Closed manga

Unfortunately, with the localization, the characters’ names are changed. But still, we recommend you to check out at Kobo or Kinokuniya. And if you want to find a Japanese version, don’t forget to stop by at CDJAPAN.

Where can I watch the Case Closed anime?

You can watch five seasons, 123 episodes of Detective Conan at Crunchyroll. And wait to see more.

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The two spin-off shows, however, will air worldwide only on Netflix.


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