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Attack on Titan Finale Premiere Crashes Crunchyroll

Attack on Titan Finale Premiere Crashes Crunchyroll

As Attack on Titan’s finale, and final season opens on Crunchyroll, users are reporting service disruptions and  app crashes.

Crunchyroll premiered Attack on Titan series finale (season 4, part two), for free on their platform — but sadly — there was too much demand for the last season of Attack on Titan that it brought their servers to a screeching halt.

During the debut of the second part of the last season of Attack on Titan, the Crunchyroll servers went down for a brief period of time. Thankfully back and this was only a minor hindrance in the otherwise epic send off to the critically acclaimed anime series.

Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2

Crunchyroll’s servers crashed briefly during the premiere of Attack on Titan’s second part of the final season. A slight hiccup in an otherwise spectacular farewell to a critically acclaimed anime series was remedied by the return of the servers.

Crunchyroll users were greeted with an error page and the message,   Many anime fans flocked to Twitter to express their displeasure and to meme away their anxiety due to the delayed launch of the final season.


A fight of epic proportions is promised in the second half of the final season of Attack on Titan: The Final Season, which promises to be both action-packed and violent. In recent weeks, there has been a great deal of interest in Part 2 of the epic narrative, thanks in part to all of the new promotional materials that have been made available for it.

 Eren Jaeger

The main image for the new season’s launch is an emotive shot of Eren Jaeger while glass fragments reflecting significant moments from the programme whirl around him.

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You can binge watch the entire Attack on Titan saga, including the epic finale, on both Crunchyroll and Funimation right now. Pick your poison!

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