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Starstruck Cameraman Falls For Blackpink Star Jisoo

Starstruck Cameraman Falls For Blackpink Star Jisoo

Starstruck cameraman falls head-over-heels for Blackpink star Jisoo at Paris Fashion Week… like… really!

Are you ready for some juicy news from the Paris Fashion Week? Brace yourselves, because Blackpink‘s very own Jisoo has left a cameraman starstruck after a hilarious incident!

According to reports, the poor cameraman couldn’t resist Jisoo’s beauty and stumbled in front of her during the event. Vogue caught the whole thing on camera and posted it on their TikTok account for everyone to see. And boy, was it a sight to behold!

In the video, you can see Jisoo looking stunning as ever in her outfit, walking towards the Dior Fall 2023 show. Suddenly, the cameraman trips and falls right in front of her! Jisoo, being the kind-hearted angel that she is, stopped and offered her help to the fallen man.

Starstruck Cameraman Falls For Blackpink Star Jisoo

I mean, can you blame the guy for falling? Jisoo’s beauty is so mesmerizing that it can make even the most coordinated person lose their balance! And it’s not just us saying that – the comment section on Vogue’s TikTok post is proof of that.

Some people couldn’t help but express their admiration for Jisoo’s kindness, while others took a more humorous approach. One user even joked that they’d take any kind of fall if it meant Jisoo acknowledging them! And we totally get it – who wouldn’t want to be noticed by someone as amazing as Jisoo?

Of course, there were also some heated discussions about paparazzi and fans invading Jisoo’s personal space. But fear not, my fellow Blink! The cameraman later clarified on his IG stories that he was okay after the incident, and all was well in the end.

Kim Ji-soo
Blackpink star Kim Ji-soo.

All jokes aside, it’s heartwarming to see someone as talented and beautiful as Jisoo being so kind and thoughtful towards others. It’s no wonder that she’s such a beloved member of K-pop sensation Blackpink and an inspiration to millions of fans worldwide.

And let’s not forget about the Paris Fashion Week itself – it’s one of the most highly anticipated events in the fashion world, and Blackpink‘s presence there only made it even more exciting. We can’t wait to see what other amazing moments and fashion statements the event has in store for us!

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In conclusion, we can all agree that Jisoo is an absolute gem of a person, and we’re all lucky to have her in our lives. And to the cameraman who fell for her beauty – don’t worry, we’ve all been there!