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Anime Food: Dishes And Appetizers That Go Well With Beer

Anime Food: Dishes And Appetizers That Go Well With Beer

Food looks so good in anime, so we’ve paired some of our favourite anime meals from Wakakozake and Isekai Izakaya Nobu with a nice cold beer.

There are numerous dishes we want to try while watching anime. Each one of them contains a different flavor and presentation that attracts us. Today let’s check out the dishes that go well with a beer in the anime series Wakakozake and Isekai Izakaya.


Here is a list of 8 delectable traditional Japanese bar dishes and cuisines that you should try. The majority of the anime food featured in the following anime series, Wakakozake and Isekai Izakaya, can be found here.

Murasaki Wakako from Wakakozake

Unfortunately, we do not provide the recipes for how to make them at home, but we do provide a great description of what you would be eating and why it would be so delicious with a nice cool beer in hand!

1. Karaage (Fried Chicken)

Karaage yummy anime food

A crispy coating is achieved by marinating the chicken in sake, soy sauce, and garlic before it is deep-fried in oil, as depicted in the anime.

2. Urchin Cresson

Urchin Cresson Japanese tradition

Traditional preparations for sea urchins include sautéing them in butter and cresson before serving them on toasted bread as an appetiser.

3. Yakitori


Yakitori is a Japanese-style chicken kebab that is served on a skewer. It is offered with rice or noodles and is seasoned with a sauce composed of soy sauce, sugar, and occasionally salt, among other ingredients.

4. Goya Chanpuru

Goya Chanpuru

Goya, a green bitter melon that is indigenous to Okinawa, is a favourite delicacy in the area. Chanpuru can be made using a broad variety of ingredients, including vegetables, pork, and fish, among others.

5. Deep Fried Asparagus Skewers

Deep Fried Asparagus Skewers

Wakako, an anime character, cooks asparagus skewers and other “kushiage” dishes in this episode. As the name implies, kushiage is a Japanese dish that comprises of skewered pork and veggies deep-fried to crispiness.

When they’re not eating it with sauce, they just salt it before eating it as a snack.

6. Edamame


Edamame, or unripe soybeans in the pod, is a dish popular in East Asian cuisines. Steamed or boiled, the pods can be eaten plain or seasoned with salt or other spices. As a general rule, they are blanched and served without any additional salt in Japan.

It’s a common Japanese bar snack: Edamame. Soybeans cooked in their green state are a common accompaniment to alcoholic beverages like beer for many people.

7. Bonito Tataki

Bonito Tataki

Cooking meat or fish in the tataki style involves searing it over an open flame, then marinating it in vinegar, slicing it into thin layers, and seasoning it with fresh ginger.

This dish is best served immediately after preparation, and it typically includes thinly sliced raw fish or meat,  with a ide of sweet s soy sauce.

8. Aburaage


Japanese fried tofu pouch, also known as aburaage (fried tofu pouch), is a dish made mostly of twice-fried soybeans and thin slices of tofu that have been deep-fried in oil.

This straightforward but delectable small meal is best enjoyed with a refreshing cold lager.

What is Izakaya?

Izakaya is a Japanese-style bar that provides alcoholic beverages as well as accompanying appetizers.

Traditionally, clients are served at the bar or at low tables where they sit on tatami mats, according to the style of the establishment (a kind of Japanese mat used on the floor).

What is Wakakozake and Isekai Izakaya about?

Wakakozake is about an office lady who likes drinking and eating alone. Murasaki Wakako, who is 26 years old, loves going out, especially when something unpleasant happens at work.

The Isekai Izakaya takes place in a bar called Nobu, which is located in Kyoto, Japan, but with a door, it is connected to another world. While some customers seek out the “Toriaezu Nama” ale and delicious food, on the other hand, some look for trouble.

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You can watch both of them on Crunchyroll. Wakkozake is a 2 minutes long 12 episodes anime, and Isekai Izakaya is a 14 minutes long 24 episodes anime.

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