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What happened to Seo Soo-jin from (G)I-DLE?

What happened to Seo Soo-jin from (G)I-DLE?

From K-pop idol to social outcast: how accusations of schoolyard bullying ended Seo Soo-jin’s music career in a heartbeat.

Seo Soo-jin is a former member of the popular K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE. She was born in Gyeonggi, South Korea, and attended Waw Middle School in Hwaseong. Soo-jin was passionate about pursuing a singing career from an early age, but it took two years to convince her father to agree with her decision.

Soo-jin debuted as a member of (G)I-DLE in 2018 and quickly gained popularity for her talent and unique style. She was known for her strong vocals and dynamic dance performances. The group released several successful albums and won multiple awards.

However, Soo-jin’s career took a turn for the worse in 2021 when she was accused of bullying. A user on social media claimed to know Soo-jin personally and accused her of bullying in middle school. The allegations sparked widespread outrage among fans, and the hashtag #ApologizeToSoojin began trending on social media.

(G)I-DLE poster with Soojin.
Where is/What happened to Seo Soo-jin of (G)I-DLE (2023)?

Soo-jin denied the allegations, and her agency, Cube Entertainment, released a statement denying the accusations. However, other individuals also came forward with similar allegations, including accusations of smoking, stealing, and bullying a fellow classmate, actress Seo Shin Ae.

Kicked from (G)I-DLE.

In March 2021, Soo-jin announced that she would be leaving (G)I-DLE and terminating her exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment. The agency also announced the termination of the contract, citing the controversy surrounding the bullying allegations as the reason for her departure.

Soo-jin later released a personal statement addressing the allegations. She apologized for causing an uproar with her personal life and for any embarrassing actions that may have hurt others. She denied allegations of school violence but admitted to dressing inappropriately for school duties and smoking cigarettes out of curiosity during middle school. She also apologized to actress Seo Shin Ae, acknowledging that she may have been hurt by rumors about their relationship during their school days.

Where is/What happened to Seo Soo-jin of (G)I-DLE (2023)?
Where is/What happened to Seo Soo-jin of (G)I-DLE (2023)?

Regarding the lawsuits, it was reported in July 2021 that Soo-jin had dropped the lawsuit she filed against the individual who accused her of bullying. The accuser had also withdrawn their counterclaim against Soo-jin. It is unclear whether any other lawsuits related to the controversy were filed or settled.

The controversy surrounding Soo-jin’s bullying allegations had a significant impact on her career, leading to her departure from (G)I-DLE and Cube Entertainment. It serves as a reminder that actions from one’s past, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem at the time, can have long-lasting consequences.

Where is Soo-jin today?

So, where is Seo Soo-jin from (G)I-DLE today — what happened to the once beloved K-pop idol?

It is difficult to predict what Soo-jin’s future may hold, as the extent of the damage to her career is not yet clear. However, it is possible that she may face difficulty finding work in the entertainment industry due to the controversy surrounding the bullying allegations. The Korean entertainment industry is known for its strict standards and values, and the public often holds celebrities to high standards of morality and behavior.

Soo-jin cute.
Where is/What happened to Seo Soo-jin of (G)I-DLE (2023)?

In addition, the controversy may have damaged Soo-jin’s personal reputation and relationships. It is possible that she may face difficulties in her personal life and relationships due to the negative publicity and reputation damage caused by the allegations.

Despite the challenges and setbacks, it is possible that Soo-jin may be able to make a comeback in the entertainment industry in the future. Many celebrities have successfully rehabilitated their careers after facing controversy or scandal, often by acknowledging their mistakes and taking steps to make amends and move forward.

However, it is important to note that the Korean entertainment industry is highly competitive, and success is never guaranteed. Soo-jin may face difficulties in rebuilding her career, especially given the severity of the allegations and the impact they had on her reputation and image.

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Ultimately, the lesson from Soo-jin’s story is that actions from one’s past can have serious consequences, and it is important to always be mindful of how one’s behavior and actions may affect others. While it is impossible to undo the damage caused by the controversy surrounding Soo-jin’s bullying allegations, it is possible to learn from her mistakes and strive to be a better person in the future.

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Friday 29th of December 2023

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